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We all have a responsibility to reduce our “corporate impact” on the planet.

IT Power consumption represents a major percentage of a company’s overall usage. Incorrect sizing of UPS or Cooling as well as poor room design can substantially increase the power usage as well as increasing the risk of failure.

The planet, reliability and your company’s bottom line will all benefit from correct design.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

We have seen the UPS market change rapidly in recent times especially with the smaller capacity units. They are usually “plug & play”, purchased and installed in server cabinets or even under desks. We often identify issues with incorrect sizing, no Maintenance Program, no Emergency Support and no Fault Detection Monitoring. Also the environment within which they are located does not provide correct Temperature Control which will impact not only performance, but warranty claims and will in time degrade battery autonomy. EFM can provide you with a status report if required.

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Computer Facility Downtime

Over 70% of Computer Downtime is attributed to issues such as power and cooling failure, however the majority of these failures are a result of human error. This is due to incorrect design and sizing specifications made on UPS, Cooling and Electrical Infrastructure, the lack of Preventative Maintenance Procedures, Emergency Breakdown Procedures, effective Early Warning Monitoring, Site Documentation and Staff Training.

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Outsourcing is not the whole solution

The popularity of the Cloud and Co-Lo (Co-location) has provided users with attractive cost effective solutions, however the downside is being the lack of control of the Small Comms rooms “The Edge” that remain on-site. These rooms are online 24 x 7 and usually unattended 24 x 7. We have also noticed that there is now a movement of computer hardware from the cloud back to end user on-premise facilities due to data risk/sovereignty as well as latency of service.

The traditional IT Management Control is no longer as stringent as in previous times & in fact many companies have now become I.T. People Poor. The need to identify where these rooms are located and in what condition is critical as they are the conduit to the outsource partner and can quickly impact your online position and company credibility if they experience failure. EFM provide a complete cost effective health check of these small rooms that will provide peace of mind to your business.

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